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Don’t have enough time to create strategic video content that appeals to your audience and generates leads?

Let me help you create videos that resonate with your audience. That’s multiple videos from just 3 hours of filming reel!

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Are you nodding your head?

Imagine if you could make all these problems go away!

What if I told you that you can have multiple videos suitable for social media done for you with just 3 hours of filmed content?

Amazing, right?

Good news: I can do it for you!

What is it:

Branding Visuals + Video Web Series.

A done-for-you video service. This isn’t your average branding shoot. I’ll strategize the best type of content to produce into a production plan to maximize our time together. We’ll decide what videos you need to tap into the emotional side of your ideal client’s journey.

What is included:

Cost & Details:


A three-month-long partnership is encouraged to keep consistent with fresh content. Sign up now as I only have 5 slots available for 2021.

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    Nahhh! This is not for me. Show me how to do it myself, Renee!