PeachyPixx Productions

PeachyPixx Productions started in 2014 with the aim of assisting business owners in creating purposeful video content for their brands. As it evolved, this independent production house started realising the need to educate small business owners about the importance of content. Slowly, more services like video creation coaching were introduced to empower entrepreneurs to create their own content.

There is a power to visual content that is often overlooked. Business owners are so intimidated by the effort required to create videos that we often keep it at the back burner. But this shouldn’t be the case. Through PeachyPixx’s efforts, founder Renee Ismail guides entrepreneurs in ways to make videography a breeze through bite-size content and speaking engagements.

When you engage PeachyPixx, you’re not only engaging someone with a vast knowledge of video creation but also a person who believes in creating content that resonates with your target audience. Rest assured, priority is given to producing content that leaves an impression.

My Story

My name is Renee Ismail and I’m the founder of PeachyPixx Productions. I’ve been a videographer for 6 years, with a background in Information Communication Technology.

I remember my first encounter with the camera like it was yesterday. The excitement of imprinting a story on film and then slicing it up to create a beautiful flow of moving images is something I carry with me when I work on my clients’ projects until today.

My mission with PeachyPixx is simple – to make video production something that is welcoming and not as intimidating as people make it sound. I want all business owners to understand the power that video content has on growing their business.

Feedback & Reviews

I’ve had the opportunity of working with numerous clients since PeachyPixx Productions was formed. Here are kind words from some of my happy clients.
“Renee is an experienced videographer who never fail to capture the best sides of me. I enjoyed working with her. She is a driven and hardworking individual who give a lot of thought to her work. I really loved the videos she took for me. I would highly recommend her services!”

Cindy Leong

Enneagram Personality Trainer
“Renee has been a wonderful and professional videographer who knows client needs. She has done a few videos for my company workshops and she is able to capture the gist of the workshop. I have used the video for my marketing tools with much success. Thanks for the videos, I have been able to pitch for more sales as video speak better than word. It has been a wonderful experience and I definitely recommend her to anyone.”

Kheng Wah Nai

Human Resources Consultant
“I’ve worked with many videographers before but none compares to the levels of professionalism and efficiency that Renee provides. She is very passionate about what she does and it shows in the amazing videos she produces. Thank you Renee for giving your 110% each and every time.”

Jit Puru

Founder of Ideas & Inspiration

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