The Last Straw

When I first came across this campaign, I couldn’t understand the concept. Why straws? Why not plastic cups? Plastic cups will make a great impact to the environment once we eliminate them.

Then I met, Zyn Yee. I learnt how she started “Straw Free” campaign single handedly. She decided to start this campaign just by listening to a Ted Talk about 2 girls campaigning “plastic bag free” in Bali. So why straws? Straws are commonly wide spread across and if you think about it, most of us don’t really need straws as we are capable drinking directly from the cup!

TING! That was an “ah hah” moment there. She was right! We are that capable.

Watch her video to learn more about her campaign and her campaign grew. I am indeed honoured to have met and filmed her during Ideas & Inspiration last January 2019.

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Renee Ismail

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