Are you a left or right brainer?

Left brain? Right brain?

I went to a workshop and this triggered me. Which part of the brain I use the most?

Left brain – theory / logic / stats / numbers
Right brain – creative / art

Generally business owners trigger their left brain mostly because they need to think of numbers, stats, etc.

But in reality both sides need work hand in hand. Aside to stats and logic that you need for your business, you need your right brain to trigger the empathy towards your team.

Personally I am more of a left brainer in most of the things I do. Be it personally or in business. But I am in the creative business where I need to do creative flow for my clients through videos.

I go for my regular 5km run every morning to trigger my right brain / creativity. The 5km run allows me to think in wider spectrum before going in the office to start working.

If you’re more a left brainer, how do you trigger your right brain? Share with me!

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